The struggle against fine lines, uneven skin tone, and breakouts can seem like a never-ending battle, but it’s one we all struggle with. Age, hormones, our diet, UV rays and more can all impact the health and vibrancy of our skin.


Covering up blemishes and large pores with makeup is a short-term solution at best, but it’s all we’ve known up until now. If you’re tired of working around your skin’s imperfections, now may be the time to fight back with a BB Glow.


A BB Glow treatment will leave you feeling more confident about your skin.

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What is a BB Glow treatment?

BB Glow skin treatment is one of the latest trends in skin care technology. It is an intensive process that uses a dermapen to penetrate the layers of the skin. This microneedling penetration stimulates natural collagen production as well as offering a myriad of other benefits. Microneedles are so small they can barely be felt, and the treatment is extremely gentle.

Collagen is a natural protein found throughout the body, and it helps to give structure, elasticity and vibrancy to your skin. Unfortunately, as you age, your body produces less collagen, which in turn leads to wrinkles, and a loss of skin elasticity and firmness.

Stimulating collagen production can improve the look and texture of your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quickly, safely and affordably.

The skin glow treatment improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. It also speeds up the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin healthier and brighter, and reduces the impact of ageing skin cells.

What are the benefits of BB Glow?

  • Fewer freckles
  • Brighter, more radiant skin
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • A more even skin tone
  • Less skin discoloration
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

Will this treatment hurt?

There’s minimal pain and downtime with the treatment, so you can resume your routine as soon as you finish. You’ll see results immediately, but the serum will also continue to work for two weeks after your treatment.

How long will the results last?

Lasting results can vary between individuals, subject to your skin type. On average this treatment will last between 4-6 weeks. Many clients repeat the treatment two or three times to maximize its effectiveness.

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