Vitamin B12 fuels your body in the same way that petrol fuels your car, in simpler terms without B12 you’re not getting anywhere. A balanced diet that includes meat, fish and dairy products, will provide a natural source of B12, however the majority of this consumption is counteracted with a heavy toxic load, caused by overcooked and tinned food. Many vegans and vegetarians are unaware of their increased exposure to a deficiency of this vitamin due to their diet. Deficiencies of this type can also occur due to poor nutrition, stomach problems and cancer.

The B12 shot provides you with a high dose of vitamin B12 which in turn will give you a boost of energy by targeting the cellular energy production. This is because it helps the body utilise the natural process of converting fat and carbohydrates into energy.

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Will this treatment benefit me?

This treatment will benefit individuals with low levels of B12 in order to increase these levels, as well as individuals with normal levels of B12, to provide a boost of energy. Unless a sample of blood is taken, you would not know if you have a deficiency or not. A deficiency of this vitamin type can come with nasty side effects. These include depression, mood disorders, fatigue, memory failure, anaemia, low blood pressure and high homocysteine levels. If you exercise regularly or have a high metabolism, you require more nutrients and vitamins to repair muscles and build collagen, not to mention that a lot of nutrients are lost in sweating.

Will this injection hurt?

The needle used is very small and the procedure is complete in seconds. Most individuals report no pain to mild discomfort.

How long do the effects last?

Every individual is different, but on average will feel more energised for 3-4 weeks. This treatment can then be repeated.

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